What Does a Social Worker Do? Salary ?

Pursuing a career as a social worker can be very rewarding, despite the challenges. It is a profession that aims to improve the lives of the population. 

In a country like Brazil, where inequality is one of the biggest social problems, providing assistance to families is something that makes all the difference.

The main role of the social worker is to combat injustice and ensure that the population has access to their rights . It really is very exciting to exercise such an important profession for people, especially those who are socially vulnerable.

If you are interested in becoming a social worker, continue with us to learn more about the profession, areas of expertise and interesting facts about the career. Good reading!

What Does a Social Worker Do?

What Does a Social Worker Do

These are a lot of questions from anyone considering Social Work . Upon graduating from the course, you will receive the title of social worker. It is through the hands of this professional that social policy projects and the rights of the population pass 

The social worker plays a unique and fundamental role, because although rights exist and are guaranteed by law, it is known that, in many cases, it is necessary to fight and demand for them.

Therefore, what the social worker does is fundamental for the good and correct functioning of society. Let’s get to know better the work routine of the professional.

Studies and research

In order to collect data and information about different groups, social workers also carry out surveys and social studies . From them, they are able to develop more precise programs and projects that meet the needs of those who most need help.

Social worker work routine

In practice, what social workers do is design, coordinate, analyze and execute programs in different areas, such as education, housing, social assistance, culture and health .

In addition, they are the ones who are in direct contact with people in vulnerable situations. Therefore, they need to understand the reality of the population to provide guidance on how to seek information and access the services to which everyone is entitled.

Where does the social worker work?

The opportunities that social workers find in the job market are quite varied. A good number of them occupy positions in the public sector and work with government social programs .

But know that it is also possible to work in private companies , non-governmental organizations (NGOs), schools, advisory services for public bodies, among others. Let’s get to know, below, some areas of action of Social Work .

Have you ever stopped to think about what the social worker can work on? Unlike what many think, its performance is not limited to public policies and government programs. 

There are several areas of activity and each of them involves very different activities. Discover some of the main ones:


The social worker who is interested in education finds work opportunities in private educational institutions. In these places, the role of the professional is to take care of funding programs, scholarships and quotas.

In addition to creating and monitoring social program projects , the social worker can suggest improvements and suitable criteria for selecting students for benefits.

But not only that. Even within private colleges, the professional can create actions to integrate the vulnerable population . And, depending on the needs, it also carries out awareness activities and provides support for students in need.


By changing the relationship with the environment, it is possible to care for both nature and people. After all, impacts on the planet also affect current and future generations. Therefore, this is one of the areas of action of Social Work .

The social worker who works with the environment can create educational actions and awareness campaigns for the population . Another possibility is to work with companies and other organizations.

In partnership with professionals from different areas, the social worker helps to understand how communities are impacted by large human actions, such as infrastructure projects.

Private companies

It may seem strange, but there are many job openings for social workers within companies, you know? Maybe you’re wondering what one thing has to do with the other.

Basically, what these professionals do within organizations is to develop educational programs for employees . Several subjects in the field of social workers are relevant to the teams and can be addressed, such as health, labor rights, safety at work and well-being.

The creation of social programs for company employees is also part of the duties of a social worker.


There are also social workers who choose to work in the health field, which is one of the rights that must be guaranteed to the entire population. And acting can happen in different ways.

One possibility is to be the interlocutor between the health system, professionals and patients with the aim of clarifying hospital processes. 

In addition, the social worker facilitates access to information. In this way, it creates educational programs for society and encourages community participation.

For vaccination campaigns, healthy habits and disease prevention to work, people need to understand their importance and engage. It is also possible to work with cases of abuse and violence in health and support families.

Protection of children and adolescents

One of the paths most sought after by social workers is the work of protecting vulnerable children and adolescents . In Brazil, social projects and public policies aimed at this group are fundamental.

Many children and young people live on the streets in our country, without family or guardians, running all kinds of risks. These situations encourage, for example, child labor and the use of harmful substances.

With that in mind, it becomes clear how urgent the social worker’s work is for survival and for guaranteeing a dignified future for children and adolescents.

What is the salary of a social worker?

According to the Salary website , the average salary of a professional trained in Social Work is $2,712 . This value can reach the ceiling of $5,368.55 . It is important to point out that social workers with specialization and more time working can receive higher salaries.

How much does a social worker who works at CRAS earn?

CRAS is the acronym for Social Assistance Reference Center. According to the Vagas website , the salary for the position of coordinator of this body can vary between $1,716 and $3,094 .

How much does an INSS social worker earn?

At the National Institute of Social Security (INSS), social workers also receive higher monthly salaries . According to the Glasdoor website , the average base salary for contests by this body for this vacancy is $10,397 .

How much does a social worker make at Public Defender’s Office?

Social workers who work in the Public Defender’s Office earn one of the best salaries . Depending on the state of the federation, the remuneration can reach $9,500 .

The importance of the social worker in the pandemic

Due to the pandemic caused by the coronavirus that affected the whole world , social assistance has taken on an even more relevant role in Brazil. 

So much so that the law created to regulate public services and essential activities considered it an essential area to face problems during the peak of the spread of the virus.

Every effort made by social workers was aimed at meeting urgent needs, ensuring the survival of the most disadvantaged population.

Emergency aid and guarantee of rights

Emergency aid, for example, was a measure of great weight in the lives of many people. Although temporary, this benefit allowed families without income due to the health crisis to survive. 

The social worker is at the forefront of guaranteeing rights, especially those related to health and well-being.

During the pandemic, professionals in the field had to work even harder to respond to problems. Among the actions taken are, for example, the allocation of extraordinary resources and the management of benefits .


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