Formal Letter Writing in English [Definition, Format and Writing Samples]

Definition of formal letter

A formal letter is written to express one’s views on a concerned topic but in a professional context. This letter strictly follows a format and the content of the letter remains precise and short. Adhering to the standard conventions of good formal letter writing and presenting your letter attractively will help ensure that the recipient considers your thoughts seriously and gives them the attention and consideration they deserve.

There could be many reasons to write a formal letter. They are

  • Letter to the editor
  • Letter to the government
  • Letter to the police
  • Letter of inquiry
  • Letter of complaint
  • Letter to the principal
  • Business letter
  • Letter of invitation
  • Letter of resignation
  • Sick Leave Application
  • Leave Application for Marriage
  • Leave application for maternity Resignation letter
  • Appointment letter
  • Job offer letter

Format of formal letter writing

A formal letter must adhere to the following format-

Sender’s address

Date (Month Date, Year)

Receiver’s address


This should highlight the aim of the letter. The receiver will understand the purpose of the letter through the subject.

It must be written in one line within 8-6 words


Dear/Respected Mr./Mrs./Ms. Last Name In case the receiver is unknown, Dear Sir/Madam

Body of the letter The first paragraph of your letter should provide an

introduction as to why you are writing so that your reason for contacting the person is obvious from the beginning Then, in the following paragraphs, provide specific details about your request or the information you are


The last paragraph of your letter should reiterate the reason you are writing and thank the reader for reviewing your request. If appropriate, it should also politely ask for a written response or for the opportunity to arrange a meeting to further discuss your request.

Complimentary closing

Yours faithfully,/Yours sincerely,/ Yours truly. Signature line: sender’s name, signature and designation.


Formal Letter Writing format

Formal letter example

Write a letter to the manager of a Hotel in which you are hired for a job, requesting him to prepone your date of joining stating a proper reason.

House no. 217,

Lord Sinha Road, Madhupur

February 18, 202X

The Manager,

Ram Leela Hotel,


Subject: Request to prepone the date of joining.

Dear Sir,

This is to bring to your knowledge that after my interview dated 16/03/202X, I was offered the job of Assistant Manager in your Hotel Ram Leela Inn. Certain terms and conditions were conveyed to me and the date of my joining was scheduled on 1 March 202X.

With profound grief, I’d like to inform you that I will not be able to join the Hotel on the date as scheduled officially and it is only due to the reason that on the same day, an urgent medical surgery of a family member is scheduled, hence, it would be a

little bit difficult for me to join on that day. I will be obliged to jom your hotel on any day before the date as scheduled without causing any further delay in my joining Therefore, it is my humble request to you, if it would be possible, to consider my request made through this letter and prepone my date of joining as aforesaid.

Yours sincerely, 

Haaris Hassan

Formal letter example – 1

Write a letter to the editor of a daily newspaper, stating your views regarding the Swachh Bharat Abhiyan launched by the government.

23, Kalyna Vihar, New Delhi,

January 26, 202X

The Editor,

Times of India, New Delhi

Subject: Views regarding Swachh Bharat Abhiyan.

Dear Sir,

This letter is to support an important initiative like Swachh Bharat Abhiyan by our Hon’ble Prime Minister. Keeping in view the initiative, it becomes our prime duty to keep our surroundings clean and avoid littering our streets and public places

By doing the same, it will help in the prevention of the spread of diseases and consequently, there will be lesser chances of people falling sick. The most reported places where people litter

the most are beaches, bus stands, railway stations, and all other public places including those of national importance. With the support and cooperation of all, we can improve our position and make things better.

Though the Government has put in a lot of effort such as in this mission through launching various apps where people c report places where a cleanliness drive is required and the ple of garbage dumps has to be removed, still, a lot of people are unaware of this initiative and are still littering their surrounding What is needed is a drastic change in people’s mindset, which is herculean task. People should remember that ‘cleanliness is ne to godliness Cleanliness would also give people a sense of pride in their city and country.

Therefore, through this letter, I request you to take some mor steps to achieve the objective of the Swachh Bharat Mission and make it a success throughout the country.

Thanking You!

Yours faithfully.

Haaris Hassan

Formal letter example – 2

Write a letter to the editor of a daily newspaper presenting your views on women empowerment.

40, Jal Vihar,

New Delhi

September 29, 202X

The Editor,

Hindustan Times,

New Delhi

Subject: Sharing views on the current topic of women empowerment.

ear Sir

This is about the present women empowerment going in the The past decade was when women came together to stand up for what they believed in. In the 10 years just gone by. country wonken empowered themselves

The first step for empowering women starts at home when parents give equal opportunities to their sons and daughters to pursue education and the freedom to make decisions. In my view, empowering women doesn’t mean that there will be reservations for them. But in a true sense, women’s empowerment does mean that from the beginning they should be made capable of exercising everything which contributes to making them independent. If in order to empower them, they are provided with extra benefits just to ease their journey to success, it is not women empowerment: it simply shows that they are the weaker section of the society and in need of special support and care.

What should be done here is, apart from providing extra benefits to them, adequate counseling to a woman as well as her family should be done in order to empower them and they should not be made to realize that they need special care and attention

Finally, we all have a moral responsibility to report cases of

violence, abuse and sexual exploitation against women.

There is always more we can do. When women uplift themselves (and we are uplifted by other women and men), men and children benefit. A world where women and men can realize their full potential is imperative.

Yours sincerely.

Haaris Hassan

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